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We intend to act as a peaceful protest group who try to influence local matters that we consider unfair or unreasonable.


All too often the Administration or big business rides rough-shod over the man(or woman) in the street.


We have no executive powers but we can act as an irritant and maybe bring some change. 

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The East Finchley Rant

Were all in this recession together


Are you a bit tired of hearing this?


Let’s consider a few points and ask if maybe we are being sold a crock of shit from our “noble leaders”.


At one time this country manufactured and exported goods to other countries that brought in revenue to help balance what we paid to other countries by importing their goods.


Fifty years ago (when I was in school) we were told that this was paramount to ensure the prosperity of the country. (Great Britain that was).


The mainstay of our traditional export goods was engineering and the motor industry in a variety of forms.


Unfortunately investment in plant and manufacturing techniques was inadequately funded and slowly but surely the standard of British motor cars became abysmal.


The union activists and the intransigent management setups rang the death knell of the industry.


As the sixties came to an end there emerged a middle class snobbery that looked down on engineering and encouraged children to take on more “respectable” careers such as lawyers or even accountants.


In these two areas salaries continued to rise whilst those of engineering and other technical professions stayed flat or started to effectively fall.


After nearly three decades of “boom and bust” of various degrees we now come out into the twenty first century with banking as our major industry.


Banking is of course money lending where the “fair” percentage interest charge is determined by the lender of the money.


The bankers’ activities are supported and endorsed by government and the law of the land.


In some cultures the payment of interest on financial loans is banned by religious belief and maybe they have something there.


The majority of the debt of the country is around interest owed on monetary loans that previous governments had entered into on our behalf.


The iniquitous public/private finance initiatives that were so loved by the ex default prime minister remain a liability to this and the next generation of taxpayers.


Over the past few years it has now become apparent that this industry is itself inherently corrupt with some factions found to be criminal.


So we find that this economic lifeboat is more like a sieve.


Perhaps we should look at our Parliamentary members, its lawmakers and question their competence and qualification to hold office.


All too often we now see that the bulk of members have been to Oxford or Cambridge, have degrees in law or politics and come from the well to do middle class elite.


They will tell us that we are much too stupid or poorly educated to understand to bigger picture in the way that they do.


This is the class of people who have foreign nationals working in their big houses cleaning and picking up the clothes that they and their spoilt children toss onto the floor.


This is the class of people who have portfolios of properties (partially inherited) in which their wealth is safely stored free from inflation. Indeed it positively benefits from it.


This is the class of people who will say that they are Europeans and think that any ethnic Britain from north of Watford Gap is a lower form of animal life.


So why do we need a parliament filled with lawyers and toffs?


Why not a few Engineers or Architects or people with real world experience.


A certain Mr Blair presided over the demise of the tungsten filament light bulb having been persuaded by cronies that this would help the planet.

Have you tried to find a good replacement?


The low energy type does not perform as well and requires the use of poisonous chemical components for its construction.


The halogen type bulb is fine in car lamps but is dangerously hot in domestic situations.


But are you surprised? What the hell does a barrister know about the physics of converting electrical energy into light?


What Mr Blair did was the equivalent of banning the horse and cart before the car was invented.


Decisions made in parliament will tend to be made using a legal yardstick as the bulk of its members are from that profession.


In this mindset if they see something they don’t like they will make it illegal.


The last government passed over four thousand new laws whilst in power many of which clashed with existing legislation.


They have this naïve belief that if something is illegal then people will not do it. After all they wouldn’t!


The bulk of this legislation is impossible to enforce and the perpetrators are aware of this.


We need more practical eyes dealing with the country’s problems not just the present bunch of fops and toffs.


The middle classes have now had a good few years of running the place and collectively they have made a hash of it.


Their remedy is to tax, tax and tax again the working - class man(and woman) in the street whilst reducing his rights and sentencing him to an old age in poverty and an early death when he finally needs the services of the overstretched NHS.


Mr Cameron urges us not to bash a banker.


The said bankers are lucky they don’t get clubbed to death in the streets by the people that they have duped.

They should be treated as pariahs not revered.

As one expert pointed out, each of these million pound bankers’ bonuses is someone else’s pension.



MPs of course worship money as has regularly been demonstrated in the news.


We really do need some new thinking because the present mob whichever flavour are clearly lost for ideas.


Do you think this is harsh?


Contact the Rant with your views and we will air them.


Get involved!


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